AGM Web Hosting Nepal – 5 Reasons Why I Switched to AGM Web Hosting [Guest Post]

What is AGM Web Hosting?

AGM (Astute Gregarious and Matchless) web hosting company in Nepal. You can register the domain as well as get a suitable hosting package for you at a reasonable cost. Before we talk about the reasons why I choose to go with AGM Web Hosting and tell you how it worked for me, let me ask you this: Have you ever opted best web hosting company that you could possibly think of to be the best web host out there for beginners, went for it for a long period, and then realized you have no idea, that you’re not offered the service support and features as promised? What if you could save big money not by purchasing a cheap hosting service plan but by opting services company that ensures the enduring significance of your business brand?
AGM Web Hosting Nepal - 5 Reasons Why I Switched to AGM Web Hosting
AGM Web Hosting Nepal – 5 Reasons Why I Switched to AGM Web Hosting
That’s the reason why I don’t feel right about keeping it a secret from my readers. Also, I realized that if I could get so much value added service with amazing useful tools, it’s my responsibility to share why I switch to AGM Web Hosting with you.
Most people tend to believe any working current web host will provide you with a top-notch experience, but that, unfortunately, isn’t always the case. No two web hosting providers offer. Over the past several years I’ve used hosting services from different companies ranging from my very early day’s experience with so-called top companies in Nepal with almost a decade of experience, through to my more recent use of AGM Web Hosting
My websites requirements have constantly changed in terms of web space, bandwidth amount, given new designs, added features and growing traffic. Consequently, I have had some very painful experiences of the frequent site crashing due to the high upsurge in traffic, security issues that cost me a lot of money and time as well.
Plus, if your website takes more than three seconds to load, it is more likely your audience is going to leave and today’s news portal site owners are even more demanding and want sites to load under maximum three seconds and if your site fails to meet that requirement they won’t consider revisiting at your site if it’s too slow.
That’s why it’s imperative to look for potential issues that are slowing your site down and AGM’s familiarity with all those issues and resolving it within minimum time gave me a bit more confidence to stick into it.
On top of that, also, even if you’re feeling content with your existing hosting provider, it is likely you might not necessarily be getting the best service available in the Market. And that’s why I’m going to share some metrics that you need to look for in any providers.

5 Reasons Why I Switched to AGM Web Hosting

Here are 5 reasons why you should think about hosting all your sites switching to AGM Web Hosting:

Ridiculously Affordable Price.

So far, I believe AGM Web Hosting is acknowledged for its amazingly affordable price plan for domain registration and web hosting solutions. Today, if you’re someone like me who loves discounts on the service, then you’re in luck. How? You can avail up to 50% OFF on their hosting plan. What’s more, if you are looking to buy the domain in Nepal, it’s a lot easier with AGM as the checkout process is too simple and straightforward, and unlike other hosts, they don’t try and jam in upsells.
Like I always say, cheap doesn’t mean low-quality service in case of AGM Web Hosting. While I’m pretty much confident you can get even cheaper services in the competitive market, for the features you get under the same plan, the amount I was paying was worth paying in comparison to that of the previous one. With the startup plan, that’s only NPR.479 a year! View more of their pricing plans here — starting with NPR.479 per year. Isn’t it exciting? I believe it is and that’s the prime reason why I wrote this article.

Better Flexibility and Growth Options

You want an affordable provider, but on top of that, you also need reliability and flexibility. What if your site needs more server resources, support and more? Thus you need to anticipate your site’s current and future needs for better performance and make sure your provider can grow with you. If you are not sure, you can contact trustworthy web hosting in Nepal and confirm all the queries that help you gain even better hosting experience.
Not every provider will be able to meet your hosting needs. Some may be affordable; while some are great in reliability and others are more flexible. As each hosting provider will have their own strengths and weaknesses, you need to carefully assess your needs and opt for the one that best meets your requirements. I like it because they’ve ensured me that I can upgrade and downgrade the server resources as per my necessity without having to reset, which is amazingly awesome for me.
Regardless though, AGM Web Hosting can grow with you. You’ll never need to switch hosts looking for a better web host in Nepal.

Phone Support Ensuring Greater Reliability

Worried about the phone support at times you need it the most?
Fret not, AGM will do it for you.
You can call them with no second thoughts. In case if you prefer their live chat support, you can go with that as well.
And just to be clear, they don’t just promise that you’ll get. That’s what most hosts do and do not pick the call for a long time or even days, but if it’s critical issues, AGM will help you in every way possible and also do the necessary monitoring to make sure everything is working for you after it gets fixed.
That’s pretty rare with other different web hosts in Nepal. Most of them offer a ticket system to submit a ticket and have to wait for a few days or even weeks to fix the problem.
And that’s pretty fine when you’re a startup, but what about when you’ve faced the critical database issue, your site went down for a long time, and everyone is crying upon you if you’re a reseller. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been through the same phase but could somehow manage to gather some convincing words or stories to bring peace in the client’s mind.

Free Auto SSL Certificates and Backup Soft

It is more crucial for you to decide what makes one host stand out from the rest. What extra features do they offer? Do they offer regular backups? Are there any costs associated with extra add-on features? Believe me or not, I’ve met people who are regretting their own big silly decision. Let me put their own words – I had a gut feeling that something was wrong with my friend’s recommendation.
Today, most hosts are offering backups to every other day or even once a week. So, if your sites get hacked and you need to fix it, you have to go back an entire week thus losing everything you’ve done in the meantime. 
However, AGM gives you one-click installation free R1 soft backup that allows you to perform daily backups and restore the most current data files. In the worst case, you lose everything you did since one day ago. This one is becoming rarer among other hosts.

Affiliate Marketing Program

Last but not least, most people usually tend to overlook AGM’s Affiliate Program. And I believe it is the only web hosting company in Nepal which has brought this unique program to benefit the blogger helping them earn more passive income on every clicks the visitors click on their(blogger) affiliate link to reach AGM’s website. Sounds, great! Isn’t it? Probably yes.
What can be a better feeling than generating income without doing much? Plus, their competitive conversion rates in the hosting industry help you maximize your earnings.
I would actually recommend their services even if I earned nothing at all. Why? No way I can convince you about how good they are for me. But it’s entirely up to me. However, if you sign up with their account and started posting blog or article mentioning their affiliate link, it is certain that you will be surprised with the reward you get for it.
Bottom Line
For me, AGMWebHosting has offered best-in-class features for my websites, reliable support allowing me to sleep well in peace these days. All in all, my sites are now faster, more secure, and more reliable, and are experiencing a lot fewer problems that they faced on other hosts. Also, I’m extremely happy to put my credibility in their hands. 
And for those who are seeking for a reliable web host that can support their sites growing needs, I personally highly recommend to at least taste their service in your own and later thank me.
Guest Post by Bishal Tiwari

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