Bitcoin is illegal in Nepal

A few months ago, I have written about the Bitcoin in my blog but the use of Bitcoin in Nepal has been blocked officially and is now illegal.
Nepal Rastra Bank has recently arrested some of the traders of Bitcoin. NRB has already stated clearly about the Bitcoin in their notice, a few months ago. Deputy Director of Nepal Rastra Bank, Kedar Prasad Acharya, says that Bitcoin is illegal in Nepal Business Gabfest 2017. The Bitcoin or Blockchain companies are now suspending Bitcoin trading in their platform and customer are not be able to buy/sell bitcoins thereafter. 

Here is the official notice of the NRB.

bitcoin is illegal in nepal

The notice says that Bitcoin has been illegal but it also doesn’t say that the other electronic currencies are legal or not. There are so many other electronic currencies as well. Here is the table of electronic currencies from Wikipedia.

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