Check Keyword Rank For Website – what is back link ? Check Ranking of Keywords on Google

What is Keyword? – My Site Rank For Keyword

The keyword is a word or collection of words that you type in the search bar of search engine. For example, if you are searching for Check Keyword Rank for Website then that’s a keyword. If some more letter, numbers or any words are added or removed then it becomes another keyword. You can check the position on Googlemy site rank for a keyword, where does my website rank for keywords and optimize the keyword.
So, if you are a content writer for blogs and websites or if you own any website, then you must be aware of selecting keywords to Rank your website in google search.

Check Keyword Rank For Website
Check Keyword Rank For Website

What is Backlink? Where Does My Website Rank For Keywords?

If somebody likes your content and thinks that it should be shared and when they share it, you get a backlink. Mostly, it’s easy to get social backlinks from Facebook, Twitter, whats app, Pinterest, Quora, etc. but the backlinks become more effective when you get it from the trusted sites and the body parts of any web contents.
Backlinks have been removed from the factor of ranking any content on the search engine. So, write genuine detailed content. Do not waste time on making backlinks.
I have seen some writer, who suggests making backlinks in the comment section which is very bad. Try to get backlinks from the post body which will increase your blog authority. Also, Google prefers to rank the well written detailed content which really solves the query of the user. So, target on that and rank your website in good organic keywords.

Check Keyword Rank for your Website – My Site Rank For A Keyword

Keyword Rank of your website gives information regarding the position of your website when a keyword is searched on the search engines like Google, Bing, etc. There are various tools to check your keyword status on the search engines. But, I love to use free and perfect tool which are Bing Webmaster Tool, Google Search Console and Ubersuggest.
They all are free tools to check the rankings of your website for different keywords.

Check Google Ranking For Keywords – Google Search Console

Google Search Console is the service of Google due to which you will be getting a large number of visitors on your site when you submit your website to the Google Webmaster which is called Google Search Console. So, check keyword ranking in Google by logging in to the dashboard of Google Search Console and click on the performance then choose select Position which will show you rankings of the keyword on Google. Optimize it for higher traffic, buying intent traffic or high CPC

traffic as your need.

Check Google Ranking For Keywords - Google Search Console, My Site Rank For Keyword, pathaks blog, anil pathak
Check Google Ranking For Keywords – Google Search Console

Keyword Ranking For Website – Bing Webmaster Tool

I have already written an article on How to index your website on Bing Webmaster Tool. When your site is submitted and verified by the Bing Webmaster tool, you will get the information regarding different keywords ranking on the bing search engine. It provides the position of keywords from your website on Bing Search Result. This way you can optimize the less competitive keywords or Long Tail Keywords to Rank your website on any search engine.
Keyword Ranking For Website - Bing Webmaster Tool
Keyword Ranking For Website – Bing Webmaster Tool

Check Ranking Of Keywords on Google – Neil Patel Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest does not require you to sign up and make an account. You can easily check any keywords there and find outs it’s competitions and ranking websites as well. Also, you can easily find out the Keywords ranking for any website. It is not necessary that you are an owner of that website. You just enter the domain URL of the website and you get the information regarding the ranking keywords, keywords position, backlinks, social shares, and SEO difficulty level as well. So, I personally use Ubersuggest many times while writing an article for my blog and I also recommend you to use it.
Check Ranking Of Keywords on Google - Neil Patel Ubersuggest
Check Ranking Of Keywords on Google – Neil Patel Ubersuggest
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There are so many paid tools to check the position of keywords in google but I do not recommend you to spend money on them when you can do it without paying. If you are an advanced blogger, then you may be using it.
Share your experience.
I love to read your comments.

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