How to apply IPO online?

How to apply IPO online? can be solved here as you can easily apply for an IPO online. This quick guide will help you to apply for IPO Shares online in Nepal.

Introduction to IPO

An initial public offering (IPO) is the first sale of stock by a company to the public. It represents a major milestone in the growth of a company, as it allows the company to raise capital from a wider pool of investors and potentially increase visibility and growth opportunities.

The process of an IPO involves going public, which involves a number of legal and financial steps. The company must meet various regulatory requirements and disclosures, as well as engage in a significant amount of financial reporting and due diligence. Additionally, the company must engage in a marketing effort to generate interest in the offering among potential investors.


Once the IPO is complete, the company’s shares are traded on a stock exchange and the company becomes publicly traded. This means that the company’s shares can be bought and sold by the general public, and the company is subject to increased scrutiny and regulatory oversight.

Overall, the IPO process is a complex and significant event for a company and its stakeholders, and can provide significant benefits, but also comes with new challenges and responsibilities.

How to apply IPO online?

You can apply for IPO online in two ways. You can download the mero share application for your mobile phones. Also, you can apply for IPO using any internet browser from your smartphone and computer.

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How to apply ipo from mero share application?

Applying for IPO from the mero share application is very easy. Login to your mero share account. Go to the ASBA section and apply for IPO.

Step-by-step guide to apply IPO from mobile – Mero Share Application

Follow the steps mentioned below to apply for IPO from Mobile. You can apply for IPO in Nepal using the official meroshare mobile application:

Step 1: Log in to your Mero Share.

mero share mobile application login

Step 2: Click on ASBA. Then you will see the list of available IPO.

list of available IPO in Meroshare

Step 3: Choose the Company you want to apply for IPO.

Proceed to apply for IPO in mero share

Step 4: Choose your bank account, and units of Share to apply and provide the CRN Number. Note: Applying for 10 Units of Share is OK as the number of IPO applicants is high and the probability of getting IPO is only 10 Units.

IPO Units apply with CRN

Step 5: Now, click on Apply Button. Now, you will be asked to provide PIN. Enter it and apply.

Enter transaction PIN and apply IPO

That’s it. Your IPO has been applied from mobile.

IPO Shares has been successfully applied from Mobile Phone

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