How to make a youtube thumbnail?


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How to make a youtube thumbnail?

The thumbnail is the first thing that any viewers see when searching on youtube. For HD youtube thumbnails, the youtube thumbnail size is 1280px X 720 px If they got some catchy thumbnails, they will click there and this is the source to get viewers and subscribers. In this article am going to show how to make beautiful custom youtube thumbnails easily step by step guide.

  1. Just go to the website Canva by following the link below. URL:
  2. then sign up by using Facebook or google account and login in.
  3. use the templates there or create the document or the workspace of 1280 X 720 pixels for the youtube thumbnail.
  4. use the backgrounds or import from your pc.
  5. use some text presets and customize them as per the requirement.
  6. finally, you can share them as well on Twitter, and Facebook as well.
  7. export the design to upload them to youtube. That’s all. You are done.

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