How to make PAN card in Nepal?

How to make pan card in Nepal? is a general question when you start working. Also, you must pay Taxes to the Nepal Government when you generate income in any way. Here are the easy ways mentioned for you if you are searching for how to get pan number in nepal, create pan number nepal.

How to make pan card in Nepal?

How to make pan card in Nepal?

To make PAN Card in Nepal, you can use 3 methods to make a personal PAN. However, for the business PAN Number, you should visit Company Registrar’s Office.

  • Physical Office Visit
  • Online Application
  • Mobile Registration from Nagarik App pan registration – Physical Office Visit

Nepal Government has an Inland Revenue Department office in various cities of Nepal. You can visit there with your Photo and Citizenship.

There you can fill up the form and get a Personal PAN.

Step By Step Guide to Apply Personal PAN Card for Online Application

Step 1: Click here to go to the official website of the Inland Revenue Department of Nepal.

Step 2: Scroll Down to find Kar Data Portal or else you can click on this link here. Now, you can see the list of services on the left side of the website.

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Step 3: Click on the Registration Options. Then you get more options for registration. Now, click on the option Application For Registration.

Step 4: Now, you get an Online Form. Fill up the Application Form as per your details. Also, as you are applying for your Personal PAN, put a tick mark on Registration For Personal PAN.

Step 5: Now, you must choose the IRD Verifying office as your nearest location. So, in IRO Name choose the office where you need to visit to get the PAN CARD.

Step 6: After you have completely filled up the PAN CARD Online Application Form, you can see the OK button at your Right Bottom Corner Side. Click here. Then you get the Submission Number. Take a Screenshot of the Submission Number or Save it in any way.

Step 7: Now, visit the IRD Office with the Submission Number and your citizenship.

After your Online Application is submitted, you can visit the IRD Office another Day to receive the PAN CARD in Nepal.

How to apply for Personal pan card in Nepal from Nepal Government Portal?

You can easily apply for your Personal PAN Card from the government portal as we have already mentioned. However, here is the video guide for the complete process. If you make money online, then also you can use the PAN number to pay Tax to the government.

How to apply for a pan card online in Nepal?

You can easily apply for a PAN Card Online Nepal from the official government website or download Nagarik App and apply from it.

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Once, you get the pan card, you can search for details from that PAN Number and verify that it’s you.

Regsiter Personal PAN Number from Mobile

You can easily get a PAN number within a minute from Nagarik App. This can be the easiest and quick way to make a pan Card.

Follow the steps mentioned to register in the Nagarik app and apply for PAN Card from your mobile.

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