How To Recover Deleted Posts In Blogger – [100%] Solved

There are many cases due to which your post gets deleted accidentally. Many bloggers asked, ” I accidentally deleted my blog post“. So, I tried searching for some ways to get back that article because we spent many hours creating an article where we include images, texts, videos, links, etc. So, it is really frustrating when our article gets deleted unwillingly. Here, I have found a genuine way through which you can get your blog post back. So, you must read this complete article and follow the instructions properly. 

How To Recover Deleted Post In Blogger


Recover Deleted Post on Blogger
Recover Deleted Post on Blogger

At first, you need to find the URL of that post. That can be available in your browser history

Steps to recover deleted posts on blogger

  1. This idea only works if your article is written about a week ago.
  2. Your complete sites will be crawled and cached by google if you have submitted your site to Google Webmaster.
  3. Now, go to the URL cash: i.e. cash: your URL 
  4. Then, go to the cached version of your blog post.
  5. Now, go to view page source. You can Right Click on the page and go to View Page Source.
  6. After that press Ctrl + F and then find postID.
  7. Click on that link or copy that postID.
  8. Now, go to your blogger dashboard and create a demo post and then publish it.
  9. Then, again click on edit that demo post.
  10. You can see the postID on the URL section like postID=78457856548.
  11. Now, replace the postID of your deleted blog post and then hit enter. That’s it.
  12. You now have your full blog post along with the images, infographics, links, videos, and everything you had in your deleted blog post.
  13. Now, there may be a problem in publishing that article.
  14. So, now copy that article with Ctrl + A and Ctrl + C
  15. Go back and create a new article with a suitable title and paste it now.
  16. Then publish it as a new blog post.
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Congratulations !!!!

Your deleted blog post is now live on your blog.

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