How To Save Email From Gmail?

How To Save Email From Gmail 

Gmail is a very popular and trusted email service backed up by Google. In the previous versions, some download feature (save as Google Document) was available in Gmail but the latest Gmail update does not have the option to save email from Gmail. However, you can save email from Gmail by considering some simple idea. So, read this complete article to understand saving email from Gmail.

For this technique, it is better to use Google Chrome to save email from Gmail.

1. Login to your Gmail Account.
2. Open the mail.
3. In the right side, there are three vertical dots. Click here to get various options.

How To Save Email From Gmail, three dots option in gmail, pathaks blog, anil pathak
How To Save Email From Gmail

4. You can see the Print option. Click here to save your email as PDF.

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Download or save Email as PDF

5. Also, you get the option to Download Message. This will be saved as .eml format.

How to save Emails and Attachments from Gmail

You can simply use some scripts or addons to save all your emails and attachments from Gmail. You can find the addons as Save Emails and Attachments
  • Install the Save Emails as PDF add-on inside your Google drive.
  • From the Add-ons menu, go to Save Emails, Create New rule and select a Gmail folder from the dropdown. This is an open-source Google Script and it does not share your data with anyone.
  • Select a folder in your Google Drive and create the rule. The sheet will start saving your messages PDFs in drive within an hour. Or go to Saves Emails – Manage Rules to instantly download any Gmail message as PDF in Drive.

How To Save Email as PDF From Gmail 

If you are using Google Chrome, open your mail and then press Ctrl + P, this will open a print window which will allow you to save your email as pdf in your computer.

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How To Save Email From Gmail, Save Gmail as pdf, pathaks blog, anil pathak
Save Gmail as pdf

How To Save Photos From Gmail 

You can simply right-click and Save Image in jpg or png format.


How To Save Audios / Videos From Gmail 

To save or download audios or videos from Gmail, it is better to use IDM ( Internet Download Manager) which is the best option to download online contents.


Gmail Back up Tool
There are so many tools and extensions are also available that allow you to complete download Gmail and attachments.

  • Single User Backup
  • Multiple Email File Saving Options
  • Google Documents Backup (Drive)
  • Backup Google Contacts
  • Manage Internet Bandwidth
  • Pause/Resume Downloading
  • Delete Emails After Download
  • Apply Filters

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