How To Write Good Articles For Blog That will rank on Google And Make $100 per click

How To Write Good Articles For Blog That will rank on Google And Make $100 per click

Writing is never an easy job but this is not even so hard also. All you need is a habit of reading and then paraphrasing them in your own words. When you can clearly understand the English language and summarise it, then you can be a good blog writer and more than this. Many of you might have a query regarding how to write a good article for the blog. In this article, I will help you on how to write articles for a blog for money

How To Write Good Articles For Blog, pathaks blog, anil pathak
How To Write Good Articles For Blog

How To Write Good Articles For Blog

Writing a good article is understanding the perception of the user. Take yourselves as a visitor of a blog and what kind of requirement you can have when you visit any blog. Analyze your requirements. The foremost thing about writing a good article is to use simple words and explain the content in much easier language.

How To Write Articles For A Blog

As I already said above, you need to have the skill of paraphrasing. Once, you can write the same content in your own language, then the speed of writing articles for your blog increases. This will be a tip to write articles for your blog. You can understand
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Use of keywords is very crucial while writing a blog post. You can not be successful in all keywords. A blogger has two options to monetize their blog. Either they should create their own service or use any third-party tool or platforms like Google Adsense, Adfly, Affiliate Marketing Techniques to make money from a blog.
Let me go through step by step guide on How to write good articles for blog
1. Find the keyword
Finding the proper keyword is very important. Using the chrome extension Keywords Everywhere will help you get the overview of keywords regarding the monthly searches, competition, related keywords, CPC, etc. When you search something on google chrome, you will get a short overview that will help you get a suitable keyword.
A proper keyword is a keyword that has a visitor but no competition at all. Do not target the millions of visitor. Try to get 10/m visitor from a keyword and try to rank number one in such different keywords. This way your article will be ranked for different keywords of 10/m which will be 1000/m in the sum total of all posts. Similarly, when you keep on writing on such keywords and number of posts rank on google then, the monthly traffic to your blog can go to millions.

Note: Generally Long Tail Keywords have least competition but this is not always true. You can use Ubersuggest to undersand the competition of a keyword.

2. Analyze the competitor
Once, you find out the right keyword, google search the keyword and see what kinds of pages, images, and videos are ranking. Open the first top 5 articles and see what they lack. Understand the positive portion of that article and add more value to them with your ideas. You can create beautiful illustrations, infographics, videos and also write a long lengthy article with proper external linkings to the trusted sites. 
3. Keywords Placement
Finding the right keyword and using them in a correct way can make you a millionaire. You should use the keyword in URL, Title of the article, Headings, Meta Descriptions, Tags, etc. Use your focused keyword on Image as you can get a huge portion of traffic to your blog from an image.
4. Finalizing the article
Giving a proper finishing to any job is very important. So, in writing article, you can use the supporting keyword in a paragraph, heading, sub-heading, embedding the related videos and giving your genuine opinion builds trust to your article and the authority of your blog increases as visitors read your content.
Furthermore, you can use HIGH CPC Keywords to write an article that can give you more than $100 per click from Google Adsense.
Here are the complete lists of $411 CPC Keywords
Finally, submit your article to the Search Engines Like Google, Bing, and many more.

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How To Write An Exceptional Article Or Blog Post

To be exceptional is not a big job but you have to able to analyze the content of your competitor. Also, you need to be very clear regarding the keywords, SEO, backlinks, Image optimization for your exceptional article writing. Analyzing the post of your competitor and understanding what they are missing can be a smart way to write an interesting blog post. This will not only make your article worthy but also helps you rank your article, reach the more organic user and ultimately make money from Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing as well.
When you lengthy article with the supplement of users queries along with images, videos, etc, you can rank on Web Search, Google Image Search, and Video Search as well.

How To Write Articles For Blogs PDF

You can write good articles easily for your blog that will be exceptional and also make money for you. Download easy tips on how to write articles for blogs pdf.

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