Make GIF from Text [2021] Updated Easy Way

Make GIF from Text 

You might want to make GIF from the text but you have not found out any solution to this as you can only convert your images and convert them to gif. We need a gif to make some attentions to the user so that you have good user retention and also be more userfriendly by showing them the important contents.
In this article, I will show you proper steps on how you can make gif from text online free. So, do not miss this article.
So, let’s start.

Step by Step Guide to Make GIF from Text 

The official online tool that you should use to make GIF from the text online free is
Here, you can simply add text, characters, shapes, photos, etc to make GIF Online free and also resize the canvas as well.
1. Go to the link provided above. It has features of collage maker, background remover, typography maker, effects and filters, collage templates, GIF maker where you can add your own text, shapes, images, videos as well and make awesome GIF online free.

2. Resize the size of the workspace by maintaining the required width and height.

Make GIF from Text, resize canvas, pathaks blog, anil pathak

3. Now there are so many options to delete, resize, align objects, shapes, images, etc. You can change the fonts and color of your texts and shapes as well.

Make GIF from Text, add text videos shapes objects, pathaks blog, anil pathak

4. You need to maintain the time frame to display the animation effect in your texts and shapes like layers in photoshop. Here, I have added two texts which I will display as animation.

Make GIF from Text, add text shapes colors fonts, pathaks blog, anil pathak

5. So, maintain the time between the text1 and text2. Here, I have displayed text1 at first and after a few seconds, I have displayed only text2. It gives a simple but effective animation effect.

Make GIF from Text, Manage Time frame, pathaks blog, anil pathak

6. Then you can find a save option. Click there to save your creation.

Make GIF from Text, save gif, pathaks blog, anil pathak

7. Now, you can choose the GIF option and click on Create GIF.

Make GIF from Text, create gif, pathaks blog, anil pathak

8. Thats it. Your GIF is ready. You can see the preview of your gif. Click Download to download your GIF.

Make GIF from Text, download your created gif, pathaks blog, anil pathak
9. Here is the GIF which is created while preparing this article.
make gif from text, anil pathak, pathaks blog

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