Make Money On Dailymotion [$10000]

Make Money On Dailymotion

Youtube has been very strict and so many youtube channels have been disabled. However, there are so many alternatives to youtube as well. You can also make money on Dailymotion. In this article, you will know what is Dailymotion. How can you make money on Dailymotion?

What is Dailymotion?

Dailymotion is a video-sharing platform similar to Youtube. Dailymotion also has a partner program that allows you to monetize your video like youtube. Simply create a channel and make money. You will have detailed analytics of your content. You can optimize your content by understanding the audience and revenue data.

Can I earn Money from Dailymotion?

Yes, you can earn money from Daily monetization by uploading videos. Also, website monetization option is also available on Dailymotion.

How do you get monetized on Dailymotion?
You should create a channel, upload a video and apply for the Partner Program of Dailymotion. You will get quickly video monetization.
Can you make money on Vimeo?
Yes. You can make money on Vimeo as well.
Can I upload my youtube video to Dailymotion?
Yes. You can upload your youtube video on Dailymotion and make money.
How much I can earn from Dailymotion?
It is not a fixed amount. You can earn as much as your video is watched on the internet in Dailymotion.
Is Dailymotion safe?
Yes. Dailymotion is a video-sharing platform. Once you upload your video on your Channel, the video is streamed online. It is not necessary to download the video to watch it.
Is Dailymotion free to use?
Yes. You can use Dailymotion Free of cost and make money.
How can I become a partner on Dailymotion?
With the Partner HQ Program of Dailymotion, you can make money. You can become a partner in Dailymotion at
What is the difference between Youtube and Dailymotion?
Youtube is the number one video-sharing platform backed up by the giant internet company Google and thousands of Video Creators are making money from Youtube all over the world. Whereas Dailymotion is following Youtube and adding more features to Youtube.
How can I upload it on Dailymotion?
You need to create a Channel on Dailymotion to upload a video.
How do I create a Dailymotion account?
You can simply create a Dailymotion account with your Google account, Facebook account, or any email account.
Is Dailymotion better than Youtube?
No. Dailymotion is not better than youtube. But, due to the strict policy of Youtube and the difficulty in monetization, people feel easier in Dailymotion.
Does Dailymotion have a copyright?
Yes. Dailymotion also has a copyright policy but this is not much strict as Youtube. Since Dailymotion wants more video creators, they have basic copyright.
Who owns Dailymotion?
What is the purpose of Dailymotion?
Uploading and Sharing Video Contents.
Can you make money on Dailymotion?
Yes. You can make money on Dailymotion.
What are the key features of Dailymotion?
Easy to use
Video Monetization
Website Monetization
Second largest Video Sharing Platform
Is Dailymotion free to use?
Yes. It is free to use.
How can I become a partner on Dailymotion?
Yes. Anyone having Channel on Dailymotion can become a partner on Dailymotion.
How is Dailymotion different from Youtube?
Less Copyright
Website monetization

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