Everest Bank Epaicho Mobile Loan In Nepal

Mobile Loan In Nepal is now available in your mobile banking. However, it is not available in all banks of Nepal. But, Everest Bank has already allowed its users to get a mobile loan from their mobile banking apps.

Everest Bank Epaicho Online Mobile Loan In Nepal

Everest Bank of Nepal has added a new feature to apply for online loans from its mobile application. It has the feature has E-paicho to apply for a loan from a mobile phone. It is also a bina dhito loan in Nepal.

The system already analysis and sets the amount for you. It preapproves the eligible amount for you. Then when you take that loan, you can settle it without hassle in EMI. The payable amount automatically gets deducted from the bank for which you can setup payback dates.

Everest Bank Epaicho Mobile Loan In Nepal

How to get an online loan in Nepal?

Online loan request and same-day approval are normal in foreign countries but instant loan in Nepal has been launched by Everest Bank through Everest E-paicho. This can give you online loans in Nepal. Also, as per fonepay, online loan is available in Kumari Bank, Laxmi Bank, Prabhu Bank, Machhapuchre Bank, and Nabil Bank. So, check your mobile banking now if you have any of them.

Now, to get an instant online loan from your mobile banking application, you should follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Log in to your Mobile Banking Application. Now, in your dashboard, you can see the option to register for Fone Loan (E-paicho).

Everest Bank E Paicho Foneloan Mobile Loan Dashboard

Step 2: Also, before registering for it, you get the option to get more information regarding E-paicho Instant Loan.

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Step 3: Now, click on Register Button.

Everest Bank E Paicho Register For Fone Loan Bina Dhito Loan In Nepal

Step 4: The mobile banking app will automatically fill up the required information. Now, you just have to provide your valid E-mail id. Now, put a tick mark on I agree to the terms of use of this service. and click on register.

Step 5: Congratulations. You have been registered for Fone Loan. Now, a verification link is sent to your email. Just open your email and click on the link to verify.

E Paicho fone loan registration successful

Step 6: Now, click on Apply For Loan. Here, you will see the Available Limit for you, This is the pre-approved amount that you can take as a Loan. The amount varies per user since it gets approved as per the income records on your account.

Pre approved eligible loan amount in fone loan epaicho

Step 7: Put the amount you want and click on proceed.

Step 8: Now. you get the full details. The available Loan Limit and the loan amount you applied for are shown in the dashboard. Also, the payment options like 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months are shown. Here, the rate of interest and the payable amount is shown for you.

fone loan approved amount with loan interest and emi

Step 9: Then select any payment option and Payback date. The amount will then be deducted from your account as EMI for your easy settlement of the Loan.

How to get an online loan in Nepal from Everest Bank?

If you have an account in Everest Bank and are receiving regular income on your account, you can get an online loan from the Bank using its mobile banking application.

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