Five Facts That Nobody Told You About Recover Lost Data.

You might have heard about the data like photos, images, documents, video files, zip files, etc. that we have sometimes lost accidentally can be recovered. It is 100% true that we have different software and tools available on the internet that we can use to recover our files. So, don’t worry about the photos, videos, assignments that you have unknowingly deleted. Here I have come up with a guaranteed data recovery guide.

There is a very popular software called Recuva which can be downloaded from here.
It has a very simple interface that everyone can access them. So foll0w the given steps to recover your data. 
  • Download the Recuva from the above link and install
  • After installation connect the media like camera, mobile, pen drive, memory card, external storage devices, etc. 
  • Then run the Recuva Software.
  • now chooses the type of file you want to recover. If you don’t know the file type then choose all.
  • After that, it asks to choose the media device to recover data. So choose the media to recover the file.

  • Then we get the option to Enable deep scan. It takes very much time. So don’t choose this.
  • Now the device gets scanned.
  • After scanning, it gets some result or also it might not find any files.
  • Then it asks for a Deep Scan.
  • Now click on Yes for a deep scan.
  • Then it finds the data.
  • Now choose the data you want to recover. Then click on the recover button.
  • Now it asks for the folder to save the file. So, choose a folder and then click on ok.
  • Finally, your data is recovered.

Now try to recover the photos, videos, documents, assignments, etc. from your smartphones, memory cards, pen drives, hard disks, etc. and comment us if you get any kind of problems.

* Note: It’s better to keep your data save because it is not always possible to get our data recovered.

If you have any better options, then please do comment below.

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