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Search Engine Optimization Tools and Techniques – search engine keyword rank

Search Engine in simple words can be stated as the technique to rank your online content on google search and get a visitor. People are searching for search engine optimization techniques tutoriallatest SEO techniques 2023advanced SEO techniques 2023search engine optimization techniques pptSEO techniques meaningSEO techniques pdfSEO techniques 2023search engine optimization tools.

So, this article will cover more than this and you must read this complete article to understand Search Engine Optimisation Tools and Techniques 2023.

Search Engine Optimization Tools and Techniques

Search Engine Optimisation Tools and Techniques 2023

Search Engine Optimisation is optimizing your content or website to rank on the search engines like google, bing, yahoo, and so on. You can use SEO techniques for designing and developing your website or blog.

This will improve the search volume and get high-quality traffic to your content.

Once you get genuine high-quality traffic,

you can sell your service or make money from Google Adsense or Affiliate marketing platforms.

In a single word,

SEO is a promotion.

This is a free high-quality promotion using targeted keywords. 

Search Engine Optimization Tools and Techniques 2023 Working mechanism of a search engine – Google, Bing, Yahoo

There are some basic techniques that the search engine uses to show you results when you search for something on them.

The foremost thing is that they use the crawling method to fetch all the web pages by the crawl bots of the search engines.

Now they index the links of the web pages into the databases for the process of the retrieval process when a user searches.

The bots identify the keywords and find out what the page is about.

The algorithm now processes the database with the search string and calculates the relevancy for displaying the search result to the user.
This way,

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you get the result when you search any keywords in the search engine.
The search algorithm has been always changing and updating to show the most relevant result to the users.

you need to be updated on the search engine algorithms.
The keyword is anything that you type on the Google Search bar.

Search Engine Optimization Tools and Techniques 2023 – SEO Copyrighting

The core concept behind SEO copyrighting is to use the text in google search engine ranking
and also, help readers to understand the thing.

The search engine wants to rank only the genuine contents and pages that why SEO copyrighting ensures the quality of content as you use
headings, alt text to deliver the content and target to specific keywords.

Search Engine Optimization Tools and Techniques – What is Search Engine Rank

There are so many search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. When you type something and hit search, you will get lists of web pages containing the related information.

So, as per the result, the Google search engine ranking will be in decreasing order.

Search Engine Optimization Tools and Techniques 2023 – What are On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO

You optimize your website or blog post by On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. You need to provide an SEO-friendly content like keyword selection, using the targeted keyword in the title, headings, subheadings, etc.

Whereas Off-page SEO deals with the link building activities, exchanging the links of your blog,
directory submission,
URL submit to the search engines.

Search Engine Optimization Tools and Techniques 2023 – SEO Tactics and Methods

There are certain methods that people use rank their websites on the search engine.
The general way where you write a unique standard content by using the targeted genuine keywords
along with some stats,
images, infographics and also link out to the referenced sites, is the White Hat SEO.
But, if you use maximum keywords and rank your blog on the search engine,
this is Black Hat SEO.
Such activities of Keyword spamming will later be penalized and you can not do good in google search engine ranking.
So, you need to be genuine to the content and the readers who read your blog.
If you are genuine, you will definitely get visitors to your site by using genuine SEO techniques.

Search Engine Optimization Tools and Techniques 2023 – Domain

The domain is the foremost thing that matters so much to get your website on the number 1 rank in the google search engine ranking on the search result.

Using the specific targeted keyword in the domain gives an advantage in the competition.


This increases the click-through rate of your website.
Keep the domain name simple to remember and search like
Wikipedia, Onlinekhabar, BBC, etc.

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Search Engine Optimization Tools and Techniques – Filename

It is found that Search engines rank those pages when you have related keywords in the file.

This is the URL of the post published on your website that should possess the keyword that the article is about and you want to rank it on to the search engine.

Example of Filename 



Using the underscore (_) symbol is a very bad practice. I recommend you to use the hyphen (-) instead.

Search Engine Optimization Tools and Techniques – Website Design

The design of the website should be very user friendly and should not confuse the user.
The page should contain about 10% keywords.
Also, be very clear that,
the page should not only contain the HTML elements
but also should have text content and
avoid using the unnecessary javascript
and use the targeted relevant keyword in the page title as well.
Make your page as much clean and light as possible and avoid using flash, gifs, animations, etc. excessively.

And you can not miss the keywords in your blog post.

So, you need to use keywords as follows:

  • <title>Keywords</title>
  • <meta name=”description”>
  • <meta name=”keywords:>
  • <h1>keyword </h1> – Heading of the post
  • <a href=”###”>Keywords</a> – Keywords in the link (anchor text)
  • Blogging is a …….. = Keywords in the body section
  • Keywords in the alt tags like alt tags in the image.
  • – keywords in the url of the website

Search Engine Optimization Tools and Techniques – Finding Keywords – Keyword Planner

You have to know and understood to use the keyword but you need to do some research to find out the keywords. Because you can not do google search engine ranking on all keywords.
For beginners,
long-tail keywords are the best keywords.
there are still so many keywords that people do search on the internet but
there are very limited or no articles on the internet.
The easy way you can find the keyword is on google itself.
It shows the most searched keywords while you type.
the related search keywords are shown at the end of the google search result as well.

search related

In the above image,
you can see the search traffic and the CPC as well.
This is due to the use of a chrome extension called Keyword Everywhere.
So, it would be easier if you also use that extension.
You can find out the Keywords Everywhere extension here.
you can search the suitable keywords as “your keyword”.
This way the search result gets more specific and you can find out the number of websites ranked for that keyword.
There are so many keywords that have no competition.

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You can then write articles and rank on such keywords.

Search Engine Optimization Tools and Techniques – Optimized Metatags

You now know that the role of keywords is very important to get organic traffic to your blog.

So, there is a term Meta tag.

  • Meta description tags
  • Meta keyword tags

These meta tags help you to rank your blog in the search result.

What are Meta keywords?

Meta tags are the specific tag that we use in the HTML code of your blog or website that ultimately helps search engine to understand your website.

The meta description tags are displayed on the search result.

So, follow the following killer tips to optimize your meta tags and blogs.

  • Include meta description tags.
  • Do not repeat any keyword.
  • It’s better to use a synonym keyword.
  • The use of 150 characters description meta tag is beneficial.
  • You must use different meta descriptions for each page as it helps to rank each page in search engines.
  • Also, block the unnecessary pages in the robots meta tag.
  • Begin the title with keywords for the title optimization for SEO.
  • Create unique articles for each page and try including keywords if possible.
  • It’s better to have a title of about 9 words and not more than 60 characters.
  • Do not use your name or any brand name unless you are well-known in the field.
  • Use the targeted keyword in the anchor tag while linking to your post or blog.

Example of a good anchor tag

<a href=””> Search Engine Optimization For Beginners</a>

Search Engine Optimization – Bonus Tips

Content is King and if you have a genuine detailed unique article, then you can easily be featured on google search engine ranking.

Here are some bonus tips for you.

  • Write an article targeting a certain audience.
  • Keyword density has also to be managed.
  • Make your title compelling. Try practicing writing titles.
  • Never try to include complex words in your blog. Be simple.
  • Do not just fill your page with content. Divide them into multiple pages.
  • Its better include all your articles in a single article if your contents are repeated.
  • The paragraph can be a single sentence as well.
  • Verifying and submitting the site to the search engine webmaster is important.

There are some mandatory pages like About Us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, FAQ, Copyright. etc. So, create them before applying to Google Adsense Account.

Search Engine Optimization Tools and Techniques – Not To Do

Not-To-Do List

  • Do not use excessive graphics.
  • Do not keep the hidden text on your page.
  • Do not send spam emails.
  • Do not use meta tag stuffing.
  • Do not use flash media and java scripts.
  • Do not write repeated content.
  • Focus on content

Search Engine Optimization Tools and Techniques – Get Maximum from 1 Blog Post

There are some easy ways that will help you reach visitors to your niche. This will create an intellectual image to your visitors. Consider these quick tips if you are a blogger.

  1. Make YouTube Videos.
  2. Use the Interesting Section of the blog for Quora reply
  3. Import Your article in Medium
  4. Make a pdf of your Article and also provide the download link of the pdf.
  5. Include Infographics, Videos and Citations in the article.
  6. Share your article on Facebook, Twitter, and many other social media platforms and their respective groups.
  7. Also, try answering related questions on the platforms like Quora, Stack Overflow, Yahoo Answers,,, etc.
  8. Post your portion of content that has some value as your story on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, etc.

I can assure that, doing these small efforts will bring you loyal, organic, interested people to your blog and they start directly searching for you for learning about the niche. So, in simple terms, provide value to people and they will value back to you.

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