SEO Quake Chrome – Important for Blogger

SEO Quake is a chrome extension that will help you get an organic insight regarding the website that you get into your search result or you visit any website.SEO Quake is compatible with multiple browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera. In this article, you will get more insight regarding SEO Quake Chrome and how wisely you can use this to get your blog rank on the search engine.

SEO Quake Chrome - Important for Blogger, pathaks blog, anil pathak
SEO Quake Chrome – Important for Blogger

What is SEO Quake?

SEO Quake is an easy to use chrome extension which is a very powerful tool for your Browser. It provides SEO metrics and also offers SEO Audits as well as various tools for Blogger. 5.8 million people have already use SEO Quake and more than 2 Thousand people have reviewed SEO Quake Tool and it is nearly about 5 Star. After you install SEO Quake, a bar appears on your browser where you will see analytical data of any webpage. You can simply navigate to any website and get the SERP Overlay and will help you in SEO Audit.

Why Use SEO Quake?

SEO Quake is very useful to find out the information of your competitors with SERP Analysis.
Here are some of the features of SEO Quake chrome for blogger.

  • Provides all major metrics regarding the website
  • Through analysis of SERP
  • Export the results in CSV
  • Find out keyword difficulty and Keyword Density
  • SEO Audit of website
  • Check mobile compatibility
  • Wide range of parameters
  • The full report of Internal and External Links
  • Social Statistics
  • Compare websites
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What are the parameters of SEO Quake?

It has huge lists of parameters on the basis of which SEO Quake shows the information in the bar of the browser. The parameters of SEO Quake are

  • Google Index
  • Google Links
  • Google Cache Date
  • Yahoo Index
  • Semrush Links
  • Semrush Backlinks
  • Bing Index
  • Alexa Rank
  • Webarchive age
  • Facebook Likes
  • Semrush Rank
  • Semrush Traffic
  • Baidu Index
  • Compete Rank
It claims to provide thorough data of any website within a browser that will help you to diagnosis and perform SEO analysis. In one click and one second, you get the real-time result in your browser interface. You can identify, fix and optimize your website with SEO Quake Chrome extension. SEO quake is available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and iPhone as well. 

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