What are the alternatives of Youtube?

Youtube is the video sharing platform of Google where people can upload their video content and monetize them as well. It has become the source of aspiration and also given identity to so many people and fulfilled the dreams of people.  Since, youtube is consistently making changes in its rules, regulations, and policies, the internet users are now searching for the alternatives of youtube.

alternatives of youtube
alternatives of youtube

Do you know there are some alternatives to youtube where you can upload your video and also monetize? So, in this article, you will be clear regarding the different alternatives of youtube in detail.
Before starting, 
Let me ask you, 
Youtube is the most preferred, dominant platform for the online video sharing a purpose with billions of video, views, users, comments and like on a daily basis. But, not all people are satisfied with the guidelines of youtube. From various sources, I came to know that People are disappointed with its un-notified changes in policies and various other dejections.
Many people are facing the problem in youtube due to the regular updates of new policies of Youtube. Some of the reasons that you need the alternatives of youtube can be as follows:
  • Strict Copyright Policy
  • Suspending Users 
  • Lack of information
  • No access to the account after suspension
  • High risk of Adsense suspension 
  • Lack of support to the creators

What are the alternatives of Youtube?

Here, are the alternatives of Youtube you can use and feel the difference on your own.
1. Dailymotion
2. Vimeo
3. Metacafe
4. DTube 
5. Veoh 
6. 9Gag TV 
7. Vevo 
8. PeerTube 
9. TED Talks

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What are the alternatives of Youtube
What are the alternatives of Youtube?

1. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is a similar video sharing platform like Youtube which is growing rapidly. This has the option to monetize the video content with the advertisement. You can upload 60 minutes videos in 1080p resolution. It is more flexible in its copyright policies as compared to youtube. So, users are attracted to Youtube. According to the Moz, they have listed Dailymotion at 124 Rank among the top 500 websites.
Why you should use Dailymotion?
  • Offers High-Quality Video Upload
  • User-friendly interface similar to Youtube
  • Available in 18 Different languages
  • Negligible restrictions

2. Vimeo

Vimeo is popular among artists and filmmakers. This encourages people to be creative in scopes like music, dance, cinemas, and many other creative activities. It is very strict along with its guidelines. It supports high-quality content of 4K Ultra HD but itis limited to 500MB in a week and also have to pay to get higher space than 5GB. Vimeo works under the ad-free model and is supported by donations and paywall.
Why you should use Vimeo?
  • Systematically categorized content
  • High Viewing experience
  • Less distractive interface
  • Customizable video URL
  • Outstanding Customer service
  • Completely ad free

3. Metacafe

Metacafe was live on the internet before Youtube in 2003. So, this is the oldest video sharing platform which is focused on the content, not more than 90 seconds. It has a better browsing experience due to its neatly categorized sections. Metacafe is the best platform for the short humorous video clips but you can not expect professional videos and they have lots of clickbait. They have a Producer Reward Program for the videos above 20K views.
Why you should use Metacafe?
  • To the point information
  • Short 90 seconds video
  • Reliable streaming speeds

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4. DTube

DTube is based on Blockchain Technology as it is decentralized but has a similar user interface like Youtube. So, it is believed to be a good alternative to Youtube in the coming days. It has sections for Hot, Trending Videos which allows the user to save the content to watch later without any ads. You can earn cryptocurrency by uploading videos on DTube
Why you should use DTube?
  • No ads
  • Save video
  • Blockchain Based
  • Earn Cryptocurrency

5. Veoh

Veoh is an online video sharing platform similar to youtube with longer videos as it allows users to upload videos of unlimited length. You can find a huge number of movies, anime, TV series, etc. on the Veoh video sharing platform. You can create groups and message them
Why you should use Veoh?
  • Long Videos
  • Hybrid of social networking and video streaming

6. 9Gag TV

9Gag TV is a social media video sharing platform for entertainment videos. They offer contents in the form of GIFs, Images, and memes. The content of 9Gag TV is already popular in social media like twitter and facebook. You can find different funny videos, movie trailers, etc.
Why you should use 9Gag TV?
  • Unlimited entertaining video contents
  • Good quality video

7. Vevo

Vevo is a papular online video streaming website for official music videos only. There are so many music videos of mainstream artists. This is the best alternative of youtube in case of official music videos as it has a smooth user interface and has huge latest collections of music tracks from popular artists globally.
Why you should use Vevo?
  • It offers a huge range of official music videos

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8. PeerTube

PeerTube is the only video sharing platform which is open source, decentralized and peer to peer with a simple ad-free interface. The creators have no fear of getting blocked like Youtube. The bad thing is it lacks the collection of videos.
Why you should use PeerTube?
  • Opensource and decentralized
  • No signup required

9. TED Talks

TED Talks is the leading video sharing platform that contains a huge library of inspiring, life learning, experiences, and teaching videos and it has no alternative as it has contents from all over the world from different categories like science, technology, global issues, business, spirituality, life experience, etc. The video contents in TED Talks are the Talk Videos.
Why you should use TED Talks?
  • Learn from Life experience
  • To be motivated
  • To increase your self-esteem
You got to know about various alternatives to youtube. But remember Google is the Giant company and has a huge collection of data because every day you are using Google Services in any way. So, Youtube cannot be beaten by any product or services unless there is a Google that’s why it has unbeatable competition in video sharing. According to Alexa, Youtube is the Third most searched website on the internet.
So, if you want to know about the features and the platforms, then go through the above websites but if you want to share your video contents, youtube has no alternative.
If you guys are using any of the above or any website which is not listed here, feel free to comment below. I love reading your comments.
1. MySpace
2. Facebook
3. Twitch
4. PopcornFlix
5. Yahoo View

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