What Is A Static Website ? Is it better that Dynamic Website ? [2021] Updated

There were so many ideas to promote the products, services and marketing any business. There was an era where people use to create banners, brochures, pamphlets, etc. to aware people about their products and services. This later changed to develop a static website. That time people were aware of the importance of any static website and how such static website operates.
This is actually you put your things like images, videos, texts, etc. on a computer server and that can be accessed from a domain like www.anilpathak.com.np. This domain is unique for every website. Once, you have domain and you have uploaded your contents on the server, that can be read by the visitors. This way you can aware of your services, products, company objectives and help them reach to you.
What Is A Static Website ? Is it better that Dynamic Website ? , anil pathak, pathaks blog
What is a Static Website?

What is a Static Website?

Static Websites are those websites which are already written everything with codes by the web developer. Web developer writes codes using the programming languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVA, Dot Net, etc. Here, if you need images, videos, texts, animations, etc. on your website, you need to tell your website developer to write codes for it. And every time you want to make any change on the website, you need a web developer to correct it. These Static Websites are faster than dynamic website.
These days we need the dynamic websites as we have to time and again update the contents on our website. But, Static Websites are the best in various cases.

Example of Static Website

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example of static website, pathaks blog, anil pathak
Example Of Static Website

What is a Dynamic Website?

Dynamic Website is those websites which can be latter updated and modified without any difficulty. Here, you can change any contents like images, photos, texts, animations, posts, etc. even if you have basic computer knowledge. 
You might have seen various websites like www.wikipedia.com, www.youtube.com, www.bbc.com, etc. These are the dynamic websites where users can update their contents as such website have database. 

Example of Dynamic Website

example of dynamic website, anil pathak, pathaks blog
Example of Dynamic Website

Is Static Website Better Than Dynamic Website?

Obviously, everything depends on the situation. There so many online tools that are a static website. Age Converter, Unicode Typing, Calculator, MD5 Hashing, Date Converter, BMI Calculator, etc. is a static website which is perfect.
However, there are websites like a news website, article website, application website, software website, Video Website, College Website, Government Websites, etc. have to be published and the contents like images, texts, videos, etc. have to be removed, updated and managed online.
So, it depends on what kind of website and service you are providing.

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