Why Internet Of Things Is The Only Skill You Really Need –

Internet of things will rule the world

Technology has made anything comfortable and precise and the technologies are very smart these days. In general case, the people know that smart technology as a smartphone. But there are many technologies in these last few years which are really smart.
Why Internet Of Things Is The Only Skill You Really Need
Why Internet Of Things Is The Only Skill You Really Need


We might have heard or we also have seen on the movies about the automation of work like some robot are making foods, 

the water is heated for bath time, 

the door is opened when we go to our room, 

the lights go off by the smartphone, etc.

Internet of things

We have seen such many cases but we may not know that they can be real. 

There is a new concept in information technology called “Internet of things” which is known as IOT in short. 
It says that everything that we see like 

vehicles, house doors, refrigerators, 

electric wires, taps, ovens, etc. can be connected to the internet. 

They can be programmed and make them help us as our requirement.
A very good example in the context of our country can be Streetlights. 

Streetlights go off during the daytime and go on automatically at night time. 

It is due to the IOT. 
There is a sensor connected which senses the intensity of UV rays of sunlight and it goes on if the intensity of UV rays is low. 
So it gets on during the nighttime and the very dim climate. 

It gets charged itself and functions properly according to the requirement programmed in the sensor.

Jarvis was introduced by Facebook

Similarly, the very popular Social Networking site FACEBOOK has introduced a system called “Jarvis”. 

The founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has revealed a video in which it is shown that he gets alarmed in the morning. 
And at bathing time the water gets warmed and if any relatives come to the gate of his house, 

the system informs Zuckerburg. 

This is also the best example of IOT.

IOT is the combination of Information Technology and electronics and communication. 

It can develop new technologies every day. 
Because there are many things in the universe and they all can be connected to the internet and they have their IP address.

Real Scenario in Nepal

Recently Nepal has become load-shedding free but electricity leakage is still there. 

As a student of Information Technology, 

I am very sure that it can be controlled by the use of IOT. 
We can develop many devices to calculate the current passing through the wire and connect them to different points like within 1KM distance. 
Where ever the current gets decreases, 

we find out the leakage areas and again we can add more devices within that area to find out the exact leakage point. 
This is a simple example of an application of IOT in our country according to the recent scenario.
Why the Internet Of Things Is The Only Skill You Really Need

IOT in health can be serious

Everything has it two sides. 

IOT also has some drawbacks. 

It is said that IOT devices are very vulnerable as security measures are not applied properly. 

The heart is the delicate organ of human body. 
There is a case where some person made his pacemaker automatic using the IOT concept. 

And someone hacked into that pacemaker and increased the Heartbeat and he was dead. 

if we have used smart AC to maintain the room temperature and if someone hacked into the AC and increased the temperature to 1000 C then what would happen to us.
The things have any purpose and we should use them for human benefits. 

Without the development of technologies, 

development of a nation is limited. 

Time is very precious in this era. 

Let’s think positive and develop new technologies to solve the difficulties in our daily life. 

We students like to bunk the class sometimes. 
What if we build a System that records the attendance of student and informs the guardian if the student is absent. 

It would be great fun. 

Let’s do this.

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