Why Study Information Technology in Nepal?

Pursue a career in Information Technology in Nepal? 

Information Technology has grown into very trending focus these days. As technology is escalating every day, youths are fascinated by information technology. There are more than a hundred colleges for at least Information Technology only. Why Study Information Technology in Nepal? So, I am writing some information about studying Information Technology in Nepal
If you are willing to join Information Technology or if you are a lover of information technology, then this article is for you. 
why study information technology in nepal?
why study information technology in Nepal?
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Nepal is a mounting country which means there are still lots of things to be done. IT in our country has not been introduced for a long time. 
We have been familiar with these modern technologies in not more than 10 years. So, it is still new to us and we don’t have the required amount of skill and knowledge. 
That’s why people might be interested in studying. Within these two years’ time period the number of student studying IT has increased massively. A few years ago, students were very much fascinated by MBBS, Engineering, BBA, etc. but the number of IT students has been snowballing immensely. 
By studying IT, one can work in their own home by freelancing and outsourcing that why it’s been more popular. Also, it is a great chance to get into foreign countries and make good money if you have knowledge of IT in PHP, Oracle, .net, Java, MySQL, etc. 
To study Information technology, one must pass the +2 examination. It is very helpful if you do any kind of computer course in the gapping period which helps to cope in studying IT. 
There are many scopes of Information Technology in Nepal. You can work as follows after completing your study in Information Technology 
1. Data Analyst 
2. Programmer
3. IT Manager
4. System Programmer 
5. System Analyst 
6. Designer 
7. Interactive Digital Media Specialist
8. Web Administrator
9. Application Developer
10. Software Engineering 
11. Data Communication Engineer 
12. Database Administrator 
13. Network Administrator 
14 System Manager
15. Search Engine Optimization
16. Digital Marketing and so on. 
scopes of information technology in nepal
scopes of information technology in nepal
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These were the different fields of IT in which we can work after the completion of academic IT Bachelor or Master Degree. But these days there are many colleges offering a different course of IT and affiliated to different educational groups. 
In Nepal, there are many colleges affiliated with Purbanchal University, Kathmandu University, Tribhuvan University, etc. but also there is a college like ISMT, Softwarica, NAMI, British college, etc. which offers International degree from the Foreign University Board. 
Whatever may be the affiliation, IT is the field where we have to demonstrate something new. We have to be very creative along with the knowledge of ICT. 
So, it doesn’t really matter a lot whether what kind of university degree we are receiving. It matters what we have learned and what we became after the completion of the course. 
You should have that ability that we can confidently say; I can do programming, graphic designing, design network, animations, database analyst, etc. It only depends on the product you become because good products are bought by everyone and we should have that capability to sell ourselves. But there is one thing that we have to consider. 
Even though you don’t know much about the information technology, you must be aware of the recent trends in technology.

There are so many companies that are using Information Technology. Some of them have already received International Startup awards as well. The companies utilizing Information Technology in Nepal are as follows:
1. Esewa
2. Khalti
3. Khalisisi
4. Medias Edu Kit
5. Hamro Bazar
6. Sastodeal
7. Daraz
8. Foodmario
9. Sarathi
10. Tootle
11. Onver

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it startup and companies in nepal
it startup and companies in Nepal
You should choose a suitable course according to your interest. Because there are many courses like BCA, BscCSIT, BIT, BIM, BSc IT, etc. and you should see the syllabus properly. 
It helps to find out more about the subjects and also helps to choose the right faculty according to the interest and demand of the market. Talking about the cost, it takes around 7/8 lakhs to complete a bachelor degree in the average case. 
But the cost can be higher or lower according to the course and college you choose. There are different kinds of scholarships available also. So, visit the colleges in time to get scholarships.
What do you think might be the best option to study IT?? Comment us. If you have any queries or suggestions, then comment below. I love reading your comments.

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