How to buy shares in Nepal?


It is very easy to buy shares in Nepal as there are online platforms for it. Since the stock market is a good way of investment, a huge population of Nepal is investing in stocks.

How to buy shares in Nepal?

Generally, there are two types of shares you can buy.

Firstly, companies issue IPO which you can apply for online from Meroshare.

Secondly, you can purchase shares on the secondary market from the broker. There are many brokers in cities where you can create broker accounts. There you need to provide your cheque and ask them to buy shares for you. I personally do not like this method due to its complexity.

However, you can create a broker account to buy shares online. There are some brokers which allow you to create a broker account online and use the TMS.

Click Here to create an online trading account from the broker. Here, you need to fill up the Individual KYC. Then you get the email with your username and broker id to login into TMS.

How to buy shares online in Nepal?

You should already have a TMS account to buy shares online. If you do not have a TMS account, you can create one online as mentioned above.

When you have your TMS account, just log in to your account.

Then, you should load the balance to your TMS and can now place a buy order.

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