Free Domain Nepal – Yes, you heard right. You can get a free domain name without any cost. In Nepal, a company called Mercantile gives us a free .np domain name. Free domain registration in Nepal is possible in many categories like .com.np, .gov.np, .edu.np, etc. We can get these domains free for a lifetime.

FREE Domain Nepal

Free Domain Nepal

If we are making a personal domain like mine, anilpathak.com.np you can quickly get it by registering the domain name online. We can register a personal domain from your name in citizenship. Recently Mercantile has changed the registration format.

Free Domain Registration in Nepal

Free domain registration in Nepal is not so difficult as you can get it online. Just follow the steps mentioned below and start your online journey with lifetime free domains in Nepal.

  • Go to https://register.com.np/
  • You just need to check the domain either is available or not.
  • Fill up the form fields like name, email, phone, etc.
  • Fill up the primary server: ns01.000webhost.com
  • Fill out the secondary server: ns02.000webhost.com
  • Now, rename your citizenship file as your applied domain name—e.g anilpathak.com.np citizenship.pdf.
  • Then upload that file by clicking the upload button.

In this way, you can register your free .np domain. You will be informed in the email address whether the domain gets approved or not.

Now use this domain in your blog or website and make money online. Make your presence in the world of the internet and Technology.

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We can register a free domain name for companies and institutions as well but for that, we need to provide government-registered documents.

cover letter for .com.np domain registration

cover letter for .com.np domain registration

How to get a free domain name forever?

You can get a free domain name forever from Mercantile communication. You can easily apply for the domain name with a simple cover letter.

If you have any kind of confusion or suggestion, please comment below.

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